Quality is a major challenge to AI professionals



Business experts and data scientists don't speak the same language

Data scientists spend a lot of time explaining the value of their work to business experts

Business experts have no simple way to verify models created by data scientists



IT and data scientists spend a lot of time getting prototypes ready for production

IT engineers aim for secure and well-tested AI models

Data scientists have a hard time satisfying IT requirements

Business experts wait for deployment, and are kept out of the loop



Hidden bugs are discovered by users long after the fact

Users lose trust in the product using faulty AI models

IT engineers are not equipped to identify and correct AI bugs

Data scientists are overwhelmed by maintenance tasks

A visual platform to manage the quality of AI models from prototype to production



Help business experts inspect AI models visually to give feedback to data scientists



Automate testing of AI models by business experts, data scientists, and engineers



Enable business experts to enforce human decisions in sensitive cases



Give IT engineers and data scientists actionable alerts on bad model behaviors in production

+ AI quality training, audit & certification services

Our Vision

Take back control of your AI

Quality control is not a regulatory requirement. It is a competitive advantage. It is an opportunity for you to increase and secure the business value of your AI investments:

  • Increase the performance of your AI models
  • Mitigate the risks of AI incidents
  • Build trust with transparency-demanding customers

We are inspired by quality standards from mature industries: manufacturing, finance, software engineering. We want to partner with you to bring AI into adult age.


We are data scientists with experience in real-life AI applications.
We explore the interplay between software, people & business problems.
We believe in good engineering and useful products.

Alex Combessie

Alex Combessie

Co-Founder & CEO

Jean-Marie John-Mathews

Jean-Marie John-Mathews

Co-Founder & CPO

Jean-Marie John-Mathews

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  • Passionate about building robust solutions to real-life problems
  • Driven by customer needs & outstanding user experience
  • Hungry for learning new skills every day
  • Conscious about technology's role in our society  
  • Fun & empathetic team player

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